Power Hungry

Power Hungry

By: Sermon Chiropractic

BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, said "The power that made the body heals the body."

Chiropractors often phrase this "there is a power in your body that is responsible for the healing inside you."  Perhaps that is wrong.  Perhaps there isn't a power inside you.

Perhaps instead you ARE A POWER.

One that you expect to keep you sustained through an 9-hour endurance race…

Of sitting at your desk working on the computer.  And talking on the phone.

While at the same time scrolling for something attention-grabbing.  (For a little breather).

While asking it to dig up energy reserves while skipping lunch - then expecting it to handle an overwhelming amount of energy (INCOMING!) during appetizers, dinner, dessert and drinks with friends.

You are not only a POWER but also a WEAKNESS.  A limitation of what that power 'inside' you can accomplish before breaking, and eventually burning out.

Chiropractic has always recognized that the body is amazing.  That is has an endless healing energy inside of it but also that while this energy doesn't stop, it has very real limits.  Not only that, but the strength and resiliency of your body has real limits as well.

And when it breaks, that healing power is tapped even greater than before.

But we as people also have a different type of weakness.  A weakness that says "I want to take advantage of how amazing I am."

Ie, take advantage of the fact that our bodies don't quit, and will always try to heal to the best of their ability - like a puppy that is waiting at the door, no matter how long its owner has been out, focusing on other things.

It is simply human nature.  We forget that healing comes from inside, and take advantage of wherever there is consistent, unflagging help.

But for many, the first trip to a chiropractor is an awakening of sorts.  To remembering what we knew all along.  That we heal from within, and we have a responsibility to aid in that process - not just lean on it constantly without pitching in.

Because Today is the AFTERMATH of the battle left behind from yesterday.

Today is about not only having enough Power to win today - but also clean up what is left behind.  To handle the 'dirty dishes and leftovers' that your body did not have time - or energy - to deal with from the day before.

And that could be a giant forgotten mess.  Or it could be simple - maybe just the next phase of the rinse cycle from the evening before.  Fortunately, chiropractic is there to help remind of this before too many of those 'catch-up' days get behind us - and leave a mess so big that it is daunting to even think of it.


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