Cutting Edge Technology

By: Sermon Chiropractic

The developer of chiropractic would have fit in beautifully today in our mobile, connected, digital culture.  BJ Palmer, the son of chiropractic’s founder, was a remarkable man who took over a tiny healing art and was largely the man responsible for turning it into the second largest healthcare field on the planet.

I say he would have fit perfectly into today’s culture (he passed on in 1961) because he was a trailblazer, and habitually took the newest technology available and pushed it to the limits. Imagine the greatest social media figures and innovators of today, and that would have been BJ.  He was famous at the time, and even had his own form of memes long before the internet, which he called epigrams, of which he wrote hundreds of them.

Most of them were about his thoughts on health, and improving one’s life.  He was very philosophical about health. But he was also quick to make good use of the newest technology. For starters, he owned and operated the first radio station in existence west of the Mississippi River, and was a pioneer in the use of another brand new technology of that age, X-ray.

He also traveled extensively, and made notes of his travel everywhere he went.  He also collected things of interest as he traveled.  His spine collection was the largest in the world at one point.  Not only that, but he also self-published books.  Many books, over 40, in fact.

And his books, like his epigrams, were filled with his philosophy on health.  And that philosophy was simple.  That health and healing comes from the inside out.  This means that the body has intelligence, and knows how to run itself, and more importantly, heal itself. 

He spent his whole career, in fact his whole life, traveling, teaching, and adjusting patients, so that people would understand what he was talking about.  And that was that a healthy spine allowed the nervous system to properly communicate, so all the parts of the brain and body know what to do.

It was a simple message, but one that BJ took from almost nothing to a world-wide profession. And though he grew chiropractic and the chiropractic message tremendously, there are still many more people who have never heard the message he was spreading than those who have.

That’s why chiropractic is a natural to be spread through the new technologies and innovations of today. The latest outfits, funny mishaps, and inspirational quotes can be enjoyed by all, but when it comes to what will really help people, understanding the basic principles of life, health and healing will go much further in helping real people today.  

So share this letter, share your chiropractor’s website, or social media pages, and help spread a message that has been cutting edge in making real transformations in people’s lives for over a century.