“Cogito ergo sum” “I think, therefore I am.”

By: Sermon Chiropractic

It’s a classic phrase by Rene Descartes – one that is instantly recognizable.  And it comes from a totally unrecognizable world – 1637.  

Yet it is still true today.  Descartes’ attempt to get to the very bedrock of what he was as a human being is worth looking at as we turn over into the new year.  Especially as we examine the beginning of something new – a time when discussions turn to the entire idea of new, and what the idea of new creates – the vision of new possibilities.

While many will take this sense of newness and embrace the potential possibilities, and make New Year’s Resolutions and the like – most of these will fail.

Most common resolutions are things like losing weight or getting in shape, getting out of debt, making more money, or being better to the people around you – or maybe even being better to yourself.  

Oddly enough, when it gets right down to it, they are wishes that we would take better care of ourselves.  That we would be better versions of ourselves in the future than what we are now.  

Why is it that the journey from possibility to reality tends to fail so often?  Reports say that the failure rate of people seeking a new possibility at the New Year fail at an 80% rate – within 6 weeks!

Perhaps they are made by people doing them the same way.  And instead of following the example of one of the world’s most notable philosophers- that is, to start from the most simple beginnings of what is true and important.

And making that transformation starts with one place – taking better care of yourself.  

Admitting that that is a basic fundamental of being a human being.  That mentally we are aware and conscious, but physically we are living beings that need constant and consistent support of all sorts.  

Odd but true, that the road to total transformation is such a simple phrase from so long ago.

That the phrase is so recognizable nearly 400 years later is because it is so basic.  In fact, its very aim is to recognize and speak a most basic truth.  And when it comes to you this year, that truth is that if you want to have a great year, one that you are happy about and proud of, and enjoy looking back on – it starts with a basic step of taking care of your most basic possession – yourself.